Montalvo Launches Open-Loop Tension Control

GORHAM, ME | Montalvo, international specialists in web tension control, has launched its latest innovation in open-loop tension control, the TSC Torque Sensing Control System. Company says the system offers a precise, reliable tension reference that operators can use to ensure consistent, high quality production runs without load cells or a dancer. 

Patent pending technology reportedly allows easy integration into existing machines as well as new machine builds. Customers can customize packages based on their needs and products they currently have. Components can include the U4 Tension Controller, V or CS Series Brake, TS Torque Sensor, US4 Ultrasonic Sensor or Proximity Switches, M4 Meter, and an MPC4 I to P Converter.

Montalvo applications specialist Tony Holmes says, “The quality of an open loop tension control system is highly dependent on the quality of the brake/motor/drive as well as the quality and experience of the machine operator, and can sometimes be very challenging to achieve consistent, high quality results because of this. However, now with the Torque Sensing Control System, you get an actual, calibrated measurement of torque. Combined with the roll radius measurement, the system is able to display calculated web tension that operators can use to set and maintain precise tension throughout the production run, from full roll to core. Combined with the responsive, linear torque delivery of [our company’s] brakes, tension verification, available for the first time ever in open-loop tension control systems via the TS Torque Sensor, creates a highly precise, consistent, and high performance system.”

The TSC is said to be ideal for applications in which:

• The machine cannot accommodate load cells or retrofits (space limitations, costs, etc.)

• There is no defined web path or web is traveling directly from unwind roll into the process

• The web cannot be contacted after unwind by rollers or requires minimal roller contact (coating, films, foils, etc.)

• Have multiple unwind stands that each require cost-effective, simple control, and a simple web path (sheeters, laminators)

• Have an existing open-loop system but want to improve consistency and quality of production

• Utilizing a PLC or similar system and want to control torque with minimal modification and effort.

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