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SPGPrints Extends Line of Rotary Screens

BOXMEER, THE NETHERLANDS | SPGPrints extends its range of RotaPlate reusable nickel rotary screens with two new screens said to create eye-catching varnish effects on self-adhesive labels. 

RotaPlate 75Q applies deposits of approximately 100 µm thickness. Company says the screen ensures a finely balanced proportion of emulsion over mesh, approaching zero, so that solids and fine details can be reproduced with identical results. Also new, RotaPlate 125V prints subtle patterns of 26 µm thickness, for fine linework and text. The screens are said to be ideal for a host of added-value packaging applications, especially in the beverage sector.

The tactile image, created by printing a clear varnish over an existing image, is an effective way of adding vividness to an icon or brand name, and thus enhancing retail shelf impact. Using rotary screens to apply varnish reportedly offers a waste-free alternative to the embossing technique.

Available on rolls to 565 mm (22.2 in.) wide, line comes as a pre-coated, nonwoven mesh that is assembled into a cylinder. It features welded nickel hexagonal hole-formation that is standard in all company’s screen technology. The high-strength construction enables screen reuse and print speeds to 50 mpm (164 fpm).

The range comprises six screens, which collectively provide a solution for printing tactile effects from fine lines to Braille, in thicknesses from 26–250 µm.

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