Label Impressions Announces New Energy System

ORANGE, CA | Label Impressions, a mid-sized label and flexible packaging printer, reports it is expanding its operations but not its carbon footprint. The company is installing an onsite advanced energy storage system, which will decrease costs by optimizing energy use.

With this new energy system, the FSC-certified company can pull energy from the grid and store during off-peak times and redistribute this energy during times when utility costs are the highest. This optimization saves utility fees, reportedly allowing company to maintain competitive printing prices.

Working with JLM Energy, Rocklin, CA, Label Impressions will be able to increase its load capacity, which allows it to add much needed additional equipment without increasing energy costs. “JLM Energy has worked closely with us to analyze our energy needs and design a system that optimizes our energy distribution,” says Label Impressions president and CEO Jeff Salisbury. “We look forward to building on this Gridz core with renewable energy options. In choosing JLM Energy, [we are] selecting an ongoing partner for our green energy solutions. This is the first step in realizing a master plan, including the potential addition of solar and wind energy generation onsite.”

JLM’s Gridz system provides a 30kW advanced energy storage system. The system actively works to reduce demand charges, saving mony and keeping customers’ costs down. It provides a portfolio of energy products that can grow and shift with business needs, all managed with cloud-based software. “…We appreciate Label Impressions’ recognition of JLM as an energy partner, supporting their carbon neutral vision,” says Nate Newsom, VP sales at JLM Energy.

The JLM Gridz installation will:

• Reduce energy expenditures using demand-shaving technology

• Utilize TOU pricing for effective charging and discharging of system

• Enable installation of additional equipment to 200–300 Amps

• Provide “real-time” energy monitoring system

Despite significant growth, Label Impressions says it limits its carbon footprint through aggressive “lean initiatives,” investments in waste reducing technology and equipment, and a continued commitment to reducing and offsetting carbon emissions. “Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t,” Salisbury says.

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