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TRESU Group Launches Care Program

KOLDING, DENMARK | Flexo technology provider TRESU Group announces a new holistic care program that enables customers worldwide to gain maximum value from complete workflows that feature company’s ancillary equipment, printing units, and processes. Under the supervision of experienced technical staff, the Global Service Concept comprises round-the-clock support, on-going machine optimization, and training and testing, reportedly providing a framework for driving waste out of the customer’s processes.

Besides rapid-response, 24-hr remote diagnostics, on-site services are integral to the program. These include management of installations, maintenance and repairs, and consultation to help customers implement lean and cleaner manufacturing practices in areas such as set-up time reduction, ink and substrate performance, and human-machine interaction. Furthermore, the company’s Test and Demo Centre at its global headquarters provides a location for training programs that give operators and staff in-depth understanding of the equipment and hands-on experience with machine components.

Peder Larsen, global service manager, TRESU Group, says, “In an age when service flexibility is the key to providing competitive edge, printers depend on solutions that deliver lowest total ownership cost, repeatable quality, and optimization of productivity. And with end-users demanding tighter color tolerances and shorter production runs, problem-solving and maintenance can only be effective when taking the whole process into consideration. [Our] Global Service Concept gives printers the reassurance of smoothly integrated systems that work to full potential throughout the product life, full control of the process, and waste minimization at every stage.”

Highlights of TRESU Group’s ancillary product program are the F10 iCon ink supply system that automates ink pressure and viscosity in flexo printing machines, and sealed, pressure-controlled chambered doctor blade systems said to enable direct, foam-free transfer of ink or coating medium to the anilox roll and fast changeover times. Also in the product line-up are bespoke flexo printing units for a range of packaging and industrial markets as well as complete printing and converting lines for folding carton and flexible packaging applications.

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