Grafikontrol Adds Feature to Control System

MILAN, ITALY | Grafikontrol, a supplier of press controls, announces a new feature in the Total Quality Control 360° system, a modular system said to offer a complete range of solutions that cover every aspect of the printing and converting process: production, applications, processes, and services. 

The new feature is PROCHECK, which allows waste to be pinpointed and printing and lamination defects to be traced from start to finish during the printing process. Company says PROCHECK, which is currently awaiting its patent, rounds out its system’s monitoring services, which also include MATRIX, LYNEX, and CHROMALAB.

Grafikontrol ended last year up 8% compared to 2014. Paolo De Grandis, the company's sales director and shareholder, is satisfied with the results. "Last year we strengthened our relationship with printer manufacturers in particular. Orders are up 15 percent in that sector."

He adds, "The release of the new TQC-360° range of products has been met with enthusiasm by our clients. PROCHECK in particular has received a great deal of interest as it constitutes the long-awaited missing link in waste management."

The company’s presence in other markets is managed by vendors and agents in Europe, South Africa, Asia, Australia, the US, and South America. It increased its presence in the US in 2015 by opening an office and appointing a general manager, Mauro Consalvi, to manage sales of flexible packaging, labels, and printable cardboard and paper throughout of North America.

In Milan, the demo area will be outfitted in March with a printing simulator that will set up company’s monitoring systems and allow clients to take part in demonstrations and carry out tests using their own materials.

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