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Stafford Shaft Collars/Mounts Offered in Colors

WILMINGTON, MA | Stafford Manufacturing Corporation offers anodized aluminum shaft collars and mounting devices in permanent bright colors to enhance the appearance of products, equipment, and machinery and to increase safety by color-coding switches and fittings. 

The collars and mounts provide OEMs and system designers with the ability to select and custom match colors to enhance the esthetics and branding of their products, equipment, and machinery. They also permit the color-coding switches, fittings, and replacement parts that are especially effective for fail-safe or critical applications.

Functionally equivalent to standard clamping collars, company’s anodized aluminum shaft collars and mounts are available in sizes from 1/8–6 in. I.D. with smooth bores to protect shafts, tubes, and pipes. Featuring one- and two-piece and hinged styles, collars also can incorporate flange mounts and special bores, face, and O.D. treatments such as flats, holes, and knurls.

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