Parkinson Technologies Reports Slitter/Rewinder

WOONSOCKET, RI | Parkinson Technologies offers the new Dusenbery 280 center surface slitter/rewinder, said to be ideal for both high- and low-volume converting operations seeking the versatility to accurately slit paper, film, nonwovens, or foam to 86 in. (2,185 mm) wide with center, center-surface, or center winding in minimum gap mode. 

The 280 features a new direct-acting winding carriage said to provide exacting nip control and winding tension. The unit also features what company says is an ergonomic design providing easy/safe access to wound rolls and slitter blades.

Slitting options include razor, shear, or score. Automatic blade positioning, laser core positioning, and an advanced control structure help to consistently produce the highest quality rolls quickly and economically.

The 280 is the newest model in the Flex Series slitter/rewinder line from Dusenbery Converting Systems reported to offer high flexibility for slitting and rewinding rolls to 50 in. dia at speeds to 2,500 fpm.

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