DiTrolio-Graymills Anilox Cart Protects Rolls, Blades

BROADVIEW, IL | DiTrolio Flexographic Inst. has designed its LOX BOX anilox cart with the manufacturing cooperation of Graymills Corp., Chicago, IL, to offer flexo printers an anilox roll work cart that provides organization and protection for valuable rolls and blades. The sturdy and mobile cart reportedly makes a pressroom more efficient and improves work flow by putting necessary parts at press side. Features include the following:

  • 25 drawers with adjustable internal holders to fit most anilox roll sizes
  • Secured drawers require two-handed manual lift to avoid accidental opening or dropping of contents
  • Built of sturdy materials to safely hold and move weight of multiple anilox rolls
  • Protects anilox roll engraving, journals, and roll edges
  • Lockable casters roll across floor and lock into place to create a safe and sold workstation
  • Rubber top surface offers further protection of delicate parts while preparing for use
  • Optional blade holders on side of cart protect blade edges and make them easily accessible

Specifications include an overall dimension of 37 in. W x 24 in. L x 33 in. H and maximum weight capacity of 650 lb. Interior drawers are 3.25 in. W x 23 in. L x 4.25 in. H, and each has a maximum weight capacity of 35 lb.

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