Eagle Systems Offers Cold Foil Program

OCEAN, NJ | Eagle Systems, a developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, announces the Cold Foil Certification Course (ECFC). The comprehensive 8-hr program is geared towards improving production understanding and techniques of press operators and also incorporates the executive management level. 

Eagle president and CEO Mike King (left) presents the ECFC Certification Award to John Gaffney, Packaging Graphics president (center), and Kevin Trainor, director of mfg. (right)

The course is conducted at the user’s production facility to ensure all real-world factors and influences are incorporated. Company has designed a test form, designed for failure, to run off each applicant’s system. The press is then finite-tweaked to maximize performance out of each operation’s adhesives, foils, and blankets. One of the end results is said to be the elimination of former process obstacles, such as pinholing and mud cracking.

The first Eagle customer to successfully pass the certification course was Packaging Graphics, Providence, RI, a manufacturer of high-end consumer packaging. Eagle had installed their cold foil system in late 2014 in unison with the company’s manroland press. Earlier this year, Eagle president and CEO Mike King conducted the full-day course, which was initiated with two hours of classroom training followed by six hours of direct on-press interaction.

“The Eagle Cold Foil System has been a very successful investment for [us],” says John Gaffney, Packaging Graphics president. “The system’s performance was consistently strong and yet the certification training and education was able to fine-tune every element of the process. It simply made a good thing even better. This one-day program promised to elevate our understanding and awareness, so we invested an off-day for future gains. Looking back, the certification course almost immediately took us to a whole new level of Cold Foil proficiency. Eagle has been a dedicated partner in our success.”

According to King, “Although we build and deliver a superior Cold Foil solution, without continuous R&D and dedication, our value would grow stagnant. The same can be said for our users, and the certification course enables us to share our vast experience to make their capabilities even better.

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