QuadTech Launches In-line Measurement Device

SUSSEX, WI | QuadTech reports a new color technology said to allow more print operations to utilize advanced in-line spectral measurement on film, paper, or board. Using a 31-bin spectrophotometer, Color Measurement with DeltaCam offers full spectral measurement for CI flexo, in-line flexo, and gravure presses. 

“Until now, printers have had to spend a great deal of time in makeready, stopping the press many times to measure color and determine if they are within spec,” says Isaam Lutfiyya, QuadTech manager of business development. “For an accurate color measurement on a flexo or gravure press, they had to measure a sample that was run at production speed. This increased waste because they had to run the press up to speed, shut it down, remove the sample, and measure it offline.”

Accurate inline color measurement enables printers to reduce time and waste while maintaining color throughout the roll—without the need to wait for a roll change to measure with a handheld device, company says, and product enables operators to spot problems early and make corrections quickly, thus minimizing waste, customer complaints, and rebates.

DeltaCam is capable of performing at web speeds to 610 mpm (2,000 fpm) and on web widths to 2,200 mm (87 in.), reading a single 5x5-mm color patch. The imager reads the spectral response of color mark patterns or other defined locations in the image, and the system’s software calculates L*a*b* and density values—then calculates the ∆E and ∆D from the target.

The intuitive ICON-based user interface is identical to the performance-proven Color Measurement with SpectralCam. The SpectralCam product tier is designed for printers who require faster press speeds and as many as 10–12 simultaneous color measurements, said to suited for measuring color bars on offset applications.

DeltaCam uses advanced LED illumination for extended life and color temperature control, which reportedly creates ideal conditions for precise color measurement. The proprietary design reduces stray light, greatly increasing color measurement accuracy.

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