GMG Launches Proofing Media

TUEBINGEN, GERMANY | GMG, a developer of high-end color management and proofing solutions, announces the launch of ProofMedia studio OBA matte 150. Company says this is its first matte surface proofing media containing high Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs), and it has been developed for highly accurate proofing and the closest visual match of commonly used uncoated production papers. 

According to GMG, in the past it was problematic for design agencies, prepress, and print companies to deliver a visual match between proofs and prints, even with good colorimetric measurement, as matte proofing media contains no or too little fluorescence. This issue, company says, can be solved with its new high OBA contained matte 150 media. Featuring fluorescent levels comparable to popular production papers, proofs printed on ProofMedia studio OBA matte 150 are said to deliver good visual matches to final production. This includes the FOGRA52 printing condition.

Reportedly, Studio OBA matte 150 also has a higher brightness level, and as a result, OBA matte 150 provides a larger color gamut in highlight areas compared to many other proof media. Product is recyclable and is available in 17-, 24-, 42, and 44-in. widths.

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