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Fujifilm Press Has Automated Finishing Features

HANOVER PARK, IL | Fujifilm reports a partnership with Edale and AB Graphic allows automated label finishing technology is now available on the Graphium (http://www.fujifilminkjet.com/inkjet-innovations/graphium/) UV digital hybrid inkjet press for labels, packaging, and specialty print.

The machine is said to reduce set-up times and waste while reducing tooling cost and reliance on the operator and offering a safer working environment.

A single die cassette operates in full rotary for high-speed converting and semi-rotary mode for quick changes. A hybrid “Break Free” waste matrix rewind system combines both conventional and contact waste stripping technologies.

AutoSlit automates the setting of the sheer slitting and back scoring by positioning blades based on preprogrammed positions. Also said to offer a higher level of accuracy.

Provides servo-driven outfeed drive roller with nip; mounting for video inspection camera; rotary die-cutting module; automatic die load and unload, waste stripping and slitting base module; integrated roll life; dual unwind; and more.

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