Esko Helps Pharma Company Create Packaging

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL | Esko Studio helped global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca review virtual 3D models of new packaging in order to improve time to market. AstraZeneca, operating in more than 100 countries, uses 3D packaging for all brands sold in Brazil, including cartridges, blister packs, labels (including tubes), leaflets, and shipping boxes. 

While AstraZeneca creates its packaging designs within Adobe Illustrator software in general, and Adobe InDesign for leaflets and brochures, the company’s designers felt the need to improve the quality of their art—particularly for folded boxes. They wanted to offer virtual mockups that could show the entire package in 3D and that could be shared with the company's internal customers. In the process, they were looking for software that would meet their expectations—generating a fast, high quality 3D PDF file, without adding considerable complexity to the process.

"We had heard about Esko through packaging events," says Lígia Arzenares, AstraZeneca Artwork Development Coordinator. "Esko was able to offer Studio, an excellent plug-in tool used within Adobe artwork. Esko's team also provided us great service and training." Esko Studio helped AstraZeneca create virtual 3D folded box models, which in the past was done manually on paper mockups. "Studio has become essential to help us guarantee the quality of work, avoiding surprises in the final product," says Arzenares. "The creation of 3D packaging through Esko Studio is very fast, and it also helped to improve the designers' productivity."

AstraZeneca has been using Studio Toolkit for Boxes to create the structural ARD files, while Studio Designer transforms the graphic designs into 3D. They are sent to AstraZeneca's internal customers to help them better visualize the package with regards to size, shape, how they close—and to make sure that information is printed in line with its company's packaging Trademark Manual.

"By creating 3D packaging through an Illustrator plugin, we have streamlined the process and added quality that we are able to deliver to our internal customers," Arzenares says. "All of our customers are very satisfied with this new way to view packaging, generating faster approvals and powerful art.

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