Esko Partners with Schreiner Group

GHENT, BELGIUM | Esko announces a collaborative partnership with The Schreiner Group for the development of an optimized prepress workflow. Schreiner Group is a specialist in customized products, solutions, and services that support a number of sectors including pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, logistics, and engineering. Customers include telecommunications businesses, banks, and government agencies. Its product portfolio is comprised of specialty labels, including self-adhesive functional parts, RFID labels, printed electronics, and security solutions. 

The Schreiner Group

The Schreiner Group has been an Esko customer for approximately 15 years. Markus Petratschek, Schreiner Group’s head of prepress, says, “Recently, we had been searching for a better collaboration and communication tool and wanted something for internal use but also to help us communicate more effectively externally. We wanted to be able to keep the internal team up to date on our own communication, as well as project planning and status. Further, we also wanted to allow external parties to see the latest updates on the latter. It ensures up to the moment transparency, which keeps clients fully informed.”

He says the company chose Esko WebCenter to meet these challenges. WebCenter manages packaging production, approval, and project life cycle. “From specification and execution to design and content management, it reportedly makes easy work of handling, classifying, and organizing all packaging assets. We needed a solution that could easily be customized to our business and be integrated with our existing IT-systems. WebCenter offered smooth and simple installation.”

Other solutions the company has in place from Esko include ArtPro, a packaging preproduction editor offering dedicated tools said to reduce cost and increase efficiency of packaging prepress software; DeskPack, a collection of packaging prepress plugins for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that fit any prepress environment; and Automation Engine, a modular workflow server for prepress workflow automation that is said to be easy to set up and operate, reduce error, and increase efficiency. It also has a CDI Spark for the in-house production of flexo plates.

“Esko offers a complete solution and a future-oriented tool,” Petratschek says. “The products can easily be customized to exactly fit our process workflow. We also work closely with the Esko experts who are behind the product to get the most from the development process. This collaboration benefits both organizations and is a key element of our close partnership.”

“The watchword these days is ‘Industry 4.0,’ or the fourth industrial revolution,” says Petratschek. “This means that all hardware and software must be able to integrate and communicate. The aim of our customers and of Schreiner Group is highest quality runs completed faster and just in time—with a minimum of human interaction. Having clear workflow processes is crucial, and our Esko suite of solutions gives us a robust platform to work from in achieving these goals.”


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