Vianord Engineering Upgrades Platemaking Systems

CARROS, FRANCE | Vianord Engineering, a global supplier of advanced automated flexo platemaking systems, announces the enhanced Evo 3 ELF and EDLF New combined units to expose, dry, and light finish plates to 90 x 120 cm (36 x 48 in). The Evo 3 EDLF New consists of an exposure section, four-drawer dryers, and light finisher. The Evo 3 ELF New is designed for thermal flexo plates and therefore doesn’t have a drying section. 

New version of the Vianord EVO 3 EDLF

Company says new technologies allow for performance, accuracy, and ergonomic design improvements, which increase plate quality and consistency and maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

Riccardo de Caria, strategy advisor at Vianord, says, “People often think of innovation only in terms of “ground-breaking” and “drastic” changes. That is certainly a definition for innovation, but there is a bit more to be said. In my experience, focusing on a series of reasonably small improvement ideas that have real measurable impact over the bottom line of my customers is as important as coming up with a big invention.”

Reported highlights for both Evo 3 units are as follows:

  • Pneumatic lid that automatically opens and closes to minimize operator fatigue
  • Zero-flicker, high quality and high-efficiency fluorescent tubes to image the finest details on any flexo plate
  • Light integrator for accurate UVA emission at about 30 mW/cm2
  • High-efficiency lamps cooling system Fibre optics sensors for UV “lamp on” detection
  • Closed-loop, water-cooled exposure bed, with improved heat transfer efficiency, which contribute to a uniform and constant temperature regardless the exposure time
  • Smooth contact to the exposure bed for both for analog (a vacuum system) and digital/new generation flexo plates
  • Auto-combined UV post exposure (simultaneous/consecutive/ or delayed)
  • Dryer pre-heating Additional software features, to maximize operations efficiency

Highlights for the dryer sections include four self-closing sealed dryer drawers to prevent any air outflows and newly designed heating and air circulation system to maintain optimal drying conditions.


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