Techkon USA Upgrades Color Software

DANVERS, MA | Techkon USA recently launched a new version of it’s ChromaQA software (version 3.0) with ColorEnsure. This new software pairs with the SpectroDens spectro-densitometer to be a comprehensive but easy-to-use pressroom color quality solution that allows packaging printers to monitor the color quality of jobs on press.

Company says the ColorEnsure feature allows user to easily and automatically coordinate instruments across ChromaQA workflow (even at different locations) to ensure that they are all properly configured for accurate color measurements according to the specifications within each ChromaQA job.

This kind of real-time job monitoring provides immediate feedback to press operators regarding the color quality of the job compared to the color standards and tolerances set up for that particular job. Based on this live feedback, operators can immediately catch and correct problems earlier, minimize color errors, reduce waste, cut makeready times, and ultimately save money.

When the press run is complete and all the measurement data has been collected, the ChromaQA Reports module is used to create Summary and Trend reports which verify adherence to customer specifications or industry standard printing conditions. At this point ColorEnsure only allows the color data to be formatted and reported according to the specific measurement conditions established in the job.

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