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Cadence Announces New Laser Cutter

STAUNTON, VA | Cadence continues to expand its laser processing technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of new product development for our customers. Recently, Cadence purchased a new CL900 Cincinnati laser cutting machine and completed its installation.

The 4,000-W fiber laser cutter adds to company’s existing portfolio of modified tube cutting lasers and completely custom flat sheet cutting lasers. It also has the ability to cut 1,000 in./min with a positioning accuracy of +/-0.001 in. and a cutting area of 5 x 10 ft.

“The new fiber laser has impeccable accuracy and speed,” says Jeff Glass, senior staff project engineer and laser processing expert located at Cadence’s Staunton, VA, facility. “With the new machine, we can cut thicker materials with tighter tolerances and hopefully reduce more expensive process steps like wire EDM or machining.”

In addition to laser cutting, Cadence provides other laser processing capabilities such as laser welding, laser marking, and LaserSwiss. Company says that a new system for testing cutting-edge laser welding optics for its next-generation equipment is also under development in the Advanced Welding Lab.

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