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Anderson & Vreeland Offers Processing System

BRYAN, OH | Anderson & Vreeland, part of the Flint Group, announces the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing System. The system, designed by Flint engineers to optimize the interaction of the plates, processor, and developer, accommodates plates ranging from 10 x 10 in. to 42 x 60 in. and handles material from 1.14–2.84 mm thick. On-location upgrading is built in, so machines initially acquired for smaller plates can be scaled up to bigger jobs by changing the developer roll width.

Back on the press, zoned pre-heating uses short-wave IR (infrared) that heats plates based on the size of plate being made. This approach reportedly reduces energy use and removes the need for a chiller or a condenser, lowering power requirements and further simplifying the system.

The simplicity continues with on-board software that provides operators with all the information needed to run the system, including diagnostics, operational and maintenance processes, and developer roll usage.

Company says the new thermal plates also raise the bar for plate and print quality, beginning the pristine, solvent-wash quality of the print surface. Adding to this is the increased detail nyloflex XPH and XPM plates provide on film and on both smooth and rough paper surfaces while delivering greater solid ink density with fewer pinholes. The is said to enable line screens of 200 to 400 lpi and up to 50% less dot gain in highlight areas.

The new system also simplifies removal of used developer rolls, raw or finished plates, cover sheets, and separators. A call to an 800-number is all that’s needed to arrange pickup and disposal of used materials by Flint Group’s waste recovery program.

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