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Greycon Trim System Working at Isovolta

LONDON, UK | Greycon has been selected by Isovolta Group to improve its production processes at one of its plants in Barcelona, Spain. After a successful trial, Greycon implemented its X-Trim optimization system. ISOVOLTA is an international manufacturer of electrical insulating materials, technical laminates, and composites with 18 production and sales locations in 12 countries on three continents. It has a strong presence in multiple industries ranging from the construction and building material industry, to solar and energy technology.

Xavier Pérez, head of process engineering at Isovolta, says, “The successful trial cemented our decision to work with Greycon. We were very happy with the results that X-Trim produced and are looking forward to reaping the benefits of Greycon’s solution.”

The Isovolta plant in Barcelona has six slitters and is dedicated to converting PET films, papers, and laminates. Some of the challenges Isovolta experienced were two-stage “slitters-secondary slitters” optimization with very narrow order widths and a range of master rolls stock sizes. Reportedly, Greycon was chosen as the X-Trim system was able to handle this complexity and add benefits in terms of waste reduction, reducing knife changes, and pattern count. “We are very pleased about the outcome of this project and the challenge we are helping Isovolta to overcome,” says Abder Guezour, Greycon’s global business development manager.

“We have worked with a number of converting plants like Isovolta; while these plants can be seen as medium size, the planning and the optimization challenge is by no means trivial. We are proud of continuing to serve customers from a wide spectrum of industries and dimensions and consistently achieving quick payback for these projects, as is the case for Isovolta.”

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