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TLMI Introduces Changes for Members

MILFORD, OH | The Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) announces TLMI 4.0, a concept that the organization says encompasses new and exciting changes that will engage membership and augment messaging in a whole new way. 

At the January Committee Summit held in Dallas, TX, the TLMI Marketing Committee finalized the selection of the association's new logo. This spring the association will also unveil its new website and Member Portal. The new portal reportedly will be an important resource for converter and supplier members, functioning as an online repository for TLMI reports, meeting presentations, archives, intelligence, and other resources. The portal will also function as a private social network for members to manage their profiles, form communities, and connect with peers and colleagues.

TLMI president Dan Muenzer says, "TLMI 4.0 is one of the most exciting things the association has done in a long time. The new logo and website are going to bring the association into the future. I'm particularly excited about the new Member Portal. The portal will provide members with 24/7 access to their own personal dashboard, allowing companies to focus their attention on increasing the value and services they receive from their membership. As a member-driven and member-powered association, it's imperative that we constantly provide new ways that members can engage with one another and access the broad range of resources the association offers. TLMI 4.0 does exactly that."

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