Infigo Software & Afinia Label Collaborate

CRAWLEY, ENGLAND | Infigo Software announces a new with Afinia Label. The collaboration will see Infigo and Afinia join forces to enable instant, in-store, real-time printed personalization across a multitude of products. Afinia Label manufactures and distributes industrial color label printing and finishing equipment in more than 55 countries around the world. The companies say everything needed to run a complete, end-to-end personalization campaign in-store in real time, on any number of products, will be available to any business, no matter its size; and all from one collaborative solution.

Douglas Gibson, MD and founder of Infigo Software, says, “This is a really exciting opportunity for all of us; it will demonstrate the true, limitless possibilities of personalization. We think once the public sees this functionality in action, they will embrace it and take it to places even we haven’t considered. Afinia have already run successful campaigns for specific brands and demonstrated the easy application of the technology live, in-store. With Infigo’s bespoke intuitive solution, we feel this will become a must have for all stores that want to stay relevant in the 21st Century.”

Afinia’s EMEA sales manager Nathan Daniel says, “In today’s world, retail stores are looking for ways to fight back against e-commerce and get customers back through the doors. Similarly, customers are looking for ways to identify with a brand. Being in the store and able to interact with the product on a personal level, seeing the product being personalized in front of their eyes, creates for the customer the emotional connection that will tie them to a brand. For the stores themselves, it secures a higher footfall and ensures more time spent in the store by each customer. All of this before even mentioning the increased margins one is able to add to the product.”

Infigo will deliver the front-end user experience, enabling unlimited beautiful branded websites for multiple products or brands and live 3D product previews. This allows a complete brand experience for the customer, all managed via an Infigo portal. Douglas adds, “Given our previous experience with in-store personalization, and that of Afinia, we are ideally placed to bring this exciting development to market with as little stress as possible.”

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