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Jemmco, LLC Expands Product Offerings on New e-Commerce Site

Jemmco, LLC recently announced its new website now offers more of its extensive product line for purchase online at jemmco.com. With nearly 350 products available, Jemmco.com has more to offer than ever before.

The new offerings include products such as:

  • Full 10 Meter Rolls of all JemmTron™ Silicone Treater Sleeves, JemmTrac™ Traction Sleeves, JemmTac™ Web Cleaning Sleeves, JemmSil™ Release Sleeves and JemmStat™ Conductive Sleeves;
  • Jemmco’s full line of dyne test solutions and kits;
  • Hole punching and perforating equipment including dies and elevating screws, plungers, wicket punches and more;
  • JemmStat™ Anti-Static Bars (Model XR2, NEOS, Model 400), power supplies and controllers;
  • JemmTac™ Pre-Sheeted Adhesive Rolls;
  • Lab equipment including thickness gauges, COF testers, opacity meters and more; and
  • JemmStat™ Digital Static Meter and JemmStat™ Neon Bar Checker.

The newly upgraded site also features a completely new layout, enhanced online buying experience, expanded product information and online quoting.

For more information, visit www.jemmco.com.

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