MPW Series Coreless Winding: GOEBEL IMS

GOEBEL upgrades its MPW series to coreless winding. Coreless production allows the paper producing and processing industries to meet two challenges at the same time. On the one hand, cost pressure is increasing, requiring optimum cost efficiency throughout all production stages. Standard winding on cardboard or plastic cores constitutes a substantial cost component in the value chain – especially for large quantities. These costs can be reduced significantly thanks to coreless winding. On the other hand, paper producing and processing companies, manufacturing coreless short rolls, take account of their customer’s demand for sustainability.

Together with industry partners, the development team of GOEBEL IMS modified the MPW series into a highly productive slitter rewinder for the cost-effective and resource-saving production of coreless short rolls.

"Our customers are seeking more and more solutions to their specific challenges while requiring reduced production costs,” said Hans-Peter Bauer, Ph.D., head of mechanical construction at GOEBEL IMS. “Coreless winding is technically realized through a modified winding process with specially designed rewind shafts.”

The new fully automatic slitter rewinder for short running lengths with coreless winding is already in operation at two renowned suppliers to the packaging industry.

“Coreless winding is employed where further processing permits or even explicitly requires its use,” said Bauer. “For the application case at hand, the finished product is filler material for packaging substituting plastic materials. The advantage of coreless winding for the end consumer lies, besides the cost effect, in avoiding disturbance caused by cardboard cores when extracting the material.”

A fully automatic machine, such as the MPW, producing rolls with a running length of 50 m in a cycle time of 21 seconds can save cores for 171 roll sets within one hour. With 10 cores per roll set, this equals savings of 1,710 cores per hour while production output remains unchanged.

The machine series MPW is suited for the fully automatic slitting and winding of rolls with short running lengths and diameters of up to 270 mm or 300 mm. Thanks to the modular machine concept, converters can equip the company’s MPW machines with a core hopper and an additional core charger belt. They can thus flexibly switch to winding with cores if required by the processed material or special orders.

The standard version of the fully automatic machine is designed for stock reels with unwind diameters of up to 1,500 mm and a maximum working width of up to 2,550 mm. In addition, it allows narrow cuts starting from 150 mm while guaranteeing a maximum speed of up to 600 m/min.

Furthermore, the MPW series has been enhanced to include a range of technical functions and customized features. The machine can be equipped with a complete packaging line with plugger, shrink tunnel, carton packaging, labeling and palletizing station. It offers flexibility for a range of applications and combines cutting-edge technology with the advantages of the proven GOEBEL IMS machines.

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