Lifecycle Solutions: Heidelberg North American

Heidelberg North America has recently launched Lifecycle Solutions, a new umbrella offering that brings together consumables and digital and technical services to help customers substantially increase their profits throughout the equipment lifecycle. To lead this new business, Heidelberg North America has recently appointed Steve Skeen as vice president of Lifecycle Solutions business management.

Lifecycle Solutions brings together once separate business areas in Heidelberg’s vast product and services portfolio ­– consulting, training, service, quality and performance tracking through Prinect, and Saphira Consumables – into a cohesive package aimed at helping customers maximize the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of their equipment. With Lifecycle Solutions, much like its Subscription program, Heidelberg is taking a more active role in ensuring that its machines achieve the productivity goals of its customers.

To develop a plan to reach these goals, each Lifecycle project must begin by understanding the customer’s current level of production and its goals for improvement. Heidelberg’s team can help set realistic targets that can be achieved through an intelligent combination of standardized Saphira Consumables, expert training and performance tracking and management. Ongoing services like Predictive Monitoring, which can identify potential downtime events before they happen, and OEE Reviews ensure that equipment performance targets are met. In the background, Heidelberg’s suite of Prinect products provides the reporting tools necessary to continuously track this data.

Tracking data, however, is only part of the process. The Heidelberg Assistant portal is key to converting performance data into true management intelligence that can be used to make insightful business decisions.  Through this portal, customers have access to a variety of Heidelberg services and important information, including productivity and uptime reporting, invoice details and service scheduling.  Saphira Consumables and non-serialized parts are readily available through the portal’s link to the Heidelberg eShop, where customized shopping lists help customers eliminate the guesswork of understanding what products work best with their equipment. Insight driven decision making is the result of having performance, predictive, and service support information anytime, anywhere through the Assistant portal.

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