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TeraHertz (THz) Inline Measurement System: Indev-ACT

Indev-ACT recently introduced their TeraHertz (THz) inline measurement system that is able to distinguish barrier layer films and multilayer extrusion coatings. This measurement technology provides non-ionizing, on-line, real-time multilayer polymer thickness measurement. The TeraHertz system contrasts with most web gauges that rely on measuring the absorption from an energy source through a product. Instead THz measures the speed of light as it passes through the various barrier layers. It provides a direct barrier layer thickness measurement from a compact single-sided form factor that can fit into tight locations.

Accurate Teraherz thickness measurement of the EVOH layer in the final product, combined with tight temperature control through the extrusion barrel provides a high-integrity barrier layer that can be further optimized. This avoids compromising the integrity of an EVOH barrier layer due to a poor temperature gradient of the material as it passes through the extrusion barrel. The net result is precise measurement of the barrier layers for consistent, safe, high quality food packaging products.

For more information, visit www.Indev-ACT.com.

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