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Enercon is the Converting Industry’s First Choice for Corona, Plasma & Flame Surface Treating

With thousands of surface treating installations at converting operations around the world, Enercon’s technology, application expertise and support lead the industry. Whether your application involves film extrusion, printing, coating or laminating, Enercon has a solution for you. Our unique High Definition Corona Treaters produce powerful and reliable corona treatment with the industry’s best insurance against film wrinkling, pinholing and backside treatment. 

Enercon continues to innovate with its next generation of power supplies: the Compak™ Pro Series. This Industry 4.0-ready power supply is designed for professional converters and extruders looking to maximize their productivity. Its intuitive touchscreen interface provides users with unprecedented operating control, detailed system data, maintenance reminders and support options. And its Artificial Intelligence captures critical system data should a fault ever take place.

As the only surface treater manufacturer to offer corona, plasma and flame surface treating, the Enercon surface treating laboratory can be your proving ground for your next product innovation. Our application experts will help you determine which technology is best for your application.

Additionally, our partnerships with international OEMS ensure seamless integration of our surface treating technologies with all types of processes and lines.

You can depend on Enercon for world class support with our responsive support team of highly trained electrical and mechanical engineers, all dedicated to ensuring your uptime with 24/7 rapid assistance.

For more information, call + or visit www.enerconind.com/web-treating

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