Spartech Debuts Korad Flat Black Acrylic Film for Highly Esthetic Applications

Spartech recently announced the debut of Korad™ Flat Black Acrylic Film, a new ultra-low gloss laminate film for use in highly esthetic applications requiring glare reduction and low reflection rates.

“Our new Korad Flat Black Acrylic Film was developed for applications requiring the lowest gloss level and represents the lowest surface reflectance in the film market,” said David Hilton, senior product manager, specialty films and royalite, Spartech. “From exterior fenders on tractors to lab carts in hospitals, our film laminate provides a very matte appearance to plastic thermoformed sheets that are used in a wide range of industries including transportation and automotive, consumer and healthcare.”

Featuring weatherable pigments used to protect and extend the life of extruded sheets in both interior and exterior applications, Korad Flat Black Acrylic Film provides UV and weather resistance, enhanced chemical resistance and excellent thermoforming characteristics and bond strength to multiple substrates (ABS; HIPS; PC; PVC; ASA; and PMMA). 

Key industry applications and uses for Korad Flat Black Acrylic Film includes:


  • Agriculture, lawn and garden – Exterior fenders, interior dashboards, door panels, pillars and headliner components;
  • Automotive Aftermarket – Fender flare and tonneau covers;
  • RV & Shuttle Buses – Exterior light housings, tank covers, fenders and dashboards; and
  • Trucks – Interior instrument panels and door panels.


  • ATVs and Golf Carts – Exterior dashboards, bumper covers and fenders;
  • Marine – Instrument panels; and
  • Food service – drink dispensers, preparation tables.


  • Hospitals – Kick plates, lab carts and furniture.

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