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Film Extrusion Manual, Third Edition Now Available from TAPPI Press

A new stand-alone training resource is now available for professionals and operations personnel at all levels in the plastics film industry, including plastic film manufacturing, converting, equipment suppliers and polymer suppliers. Published by TAPPI Press, Film Extrusion Manual, Third Edition is the result of a three-year effort to update the 2005 Film Extrusion Manual, Second Edition. This peer-reviewed manual is the culmination of more than 50 industry expert contributors and focuses on what is new and different in the film extrusion industry.

The materials covered were selected from a combination of sources, including subject matter experts from across the industry, peer-reviewed papers presented at the Division’s conferences, and course presentations.

Film Extrusion Manual, Third Edition includes enhanced detail on ancillary equipment used in the extrusion process.  In the new edition, the editors expanded the sections on quality control and testing and added new sections on metalizing and laminating as well as tools on how to develop and interpret structures.  

James (Jim) F. Macnamara Jr, a 28-year industry veteran, served as the manual’s global editor. 

“A lot has happened in advancements in technology, materials, equipment and processing in the 15 years since the second edition was published,” said Macnamara. “It was time that the changes be reflected in an updated version of the manual.”

For more information, visit TAPPI’s website.

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