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Virtual Graphis Introduces RevealPrint

Virtual Graphics announced it introduced an American-made way to streamline warehouse operations. RevealPrint  on demand direct thermal color labels give warehouse and distribution personnel a way to quickly “see” important information on the label.  Easily identify, with color, storage location or shipping requirements and increase productivity while reducing errors.

RevealPrint is a chemical-free, environmentally friendly imaging technology that works with barcode software and existing direct thermal printers. RevealPrint is produced using passive ingredients that are readily available from sources in the US, eliminating any concern over supply chain disruption and is easily recyclable.  Not to mention the image lasts for years.

“RevealPrint uses an entirely different imaging technology that traditional leuco dye based direct thermal materials,” said John Guzzo, founder and president. “Our image never fades, never yellows and enables you to add on demand color text or graphics to your direct thermal labels and tags.  Quite frankly, it’s just a better way to print”.

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