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Fastest Single Head Flexo Plate Imager from Esko Brings More Productivity to Corrugated Converters

Esko, a global supplier of integrated hardware and software solutions for the print and packaging sectors, has unveiled its fastest single head imager, the new Optics 100v2, delivering a 25 percent increase in productivity for corrugated plate imagers. The speed and quality option is the latest addition to the Esko CDI range featuring unique and patented single head split laser technology.

Exclusive to the CDI Crystal and CDI Spark platforms, the innovative Optics 100v2 features a new imaging setup that enables plate makers to obtain one 5080 (50in x 80in, or 127cm x 203cm) full sheet more per hour from their CDI and achieve a remarkable 100 percent increase in productivity on partial plates.

“We have developed Optics 100v2 to address the major pain points faced by the industry,” said Pascal Thomas, director of flexo business at Esko. “Cost pressure is increasing across the board and a lot of skilled labor and expertise is involved in flexo plate making for corrugated print production.

“This latest innovation means that prepress operators can now work faster, producing one more plate per hour, and importantly improve the efficiency of operation by 20 percent,” explained Pascal. “Not only that, but we all know that since plate materials can be very expensive, it is necessary to use as much of the offcut material as possible to minimize waste.

“Traditionally it has taken 15 or more minutes to image a partial plate to avoid machine imbalance, but now with Optics 100v2 it is significantly faster at less than seven minutes for a 1m2 offcut. Plate makers can reduce waste, use less energy and minimize operator input to lower costs and boost operational efficiency.”

The overall increase in productivity leads to a 20 percent improvement in operating efficiency, while the ability to obtain a full 5080 sheet more per hour means an additional eight 5080 sheets per typical shift.

“This is by far the fastest single head optics system on the market today,” said Pascal. “The single head system removes the problem of gluing or linking two heads together in the middle of an image, and additionally the new imaging setup enables the use of full speed on partial plates regardless of the thickness, unlike when using multiple heads. The design also reduces vibration and optimizes thick plate imaging, which are the typical for the corrugated industry.

“This enables significantly faster imaging on thick partial plates and creates freedom for operators to prepare the next plate while waiting, increasing productivity and efficiency further still,” said Pascal.

Optics 100v2 is just one of a host of new innovative features and updates Esko has unveiled as part of its integrated software portfolio, Esko Software 20. The significant new developments bring even more innovation and functionality to the Esko suite of best-selling software solutions as part of its continuing drive to deliver operational efficiency improvements to the packaging value chain in tandem with outstanding value to customers. Available from 15 June 2020 onwards – and free to Esko Software Care Plan customers - the latest software release incorporates solutions such as ArtiosCAD 20, Automation Engine 20, Studio 20 and efficiency-driving updates to Share & Approve and the award-winning Print Control Wizard.

For more information, visit www.esko.com.

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