Monadnock Announces the New Face of Premium Packaging

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the U.S., announced the New Face of Premium Packaging with the release of its new portfolio of Monadnock Envi® PC 100 Coated Performance Board. Monadnock developed the smooth, cool white coated premium board for brands unwilling to compromise between performance and sustainability. Recyclable Envi PC 100 Performance Board is crafted in the U.S. and is FSC Certified, with 100 percent post-consumer waste recycled fiber.

Ideal end-use packaging applications include cosmetics, fragrances, nutraceuticals/CBD, wine and spirits, fashion accessories, health and wellness, jewelry and watches, and tech and entertainment.

“The world’s leading brands have been clamoring for a sustainable, high-performing, and beautifully coated packaging material and that’s exactly what Envi PC 100 delivers,” said Julie Brannen, director, sustainability solutions, Monadnock. “We are excited to share this new packaging portfolio that provides a premium alternative to run-of-the-mill and unsustainable commodity board.”

The high-caliper board’s environmental profile is matched with high-caliber performance. Envi PC 100 Performance Board is reportedly engineered to deliver high print fidelity, exceptional folding characteristics with full ink coverage, and provides an excellent stage for embossing and foil-stamping.

The line comprises 15-, 16- and 18-point board and is available in 28 x 40 sheets for immediate delivery. Stock is also available uncoated and can be customized with coating on both sides.

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