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Bosch Rexroth’s New Avenues In Automation

With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth is exploring completely new avenues and is bringing together control technologies, IT and the IoT to create an open, scalable system.

The ctrlX AUTOMATION platform reportedly makes it possible to bring together existing systems and set up new ones. The solution is based on a completely new software and engineering approach and means a complete departure from proprietary structures and systems.

The automation platform includes all necessary software and hardware components for complete system solutions: high-performance control systems, compact drives, industrial PCs, safety solutions, I/O modules and HMIs.

The solutions include:

  • ctrlX WORKS: the software and engineering toolbox for ctrlX AUTOMATION. It is synonymous with simple app-based engineering and saves machine manufacturers effort and costs;
  • ctrlX CORE: the multicore technology for ctrlX AUTOMATION. The modular, compact control system is suitable for any automation application. With its open design, it offers users totally new degrees of freedom when setting up functions;
  • ctrlX PLC: the control solution is reportedly ideal for cost-effective projects and also reduces logistics costs. The free choice of programming language could help shorten the induction phase and reduce the engineering time;
  • ctrlX MOTION: a complete, open automation system for machine manufacturers;
  • ctrlX IOT: makes it possible to obtain information more quickly and use this information to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE);
  • The ctrlX I/O portfolio: designed for horizontal and vertical integration and representing a functional extension of the ctrlX CORE control platform. In the future, there will be comprehensive communication, performance extension and I/O modules geared to future technologies such as 5G, TSN and AI;
  • ctrlX HMI: a tailored hardware and software solution for all automation projects in various applications. Thanks to the integrated web server, users are reportedly given all important information for their machines on the high-performance displays;
  • ctrlX IPC: an IPC portfolio which is scalable in terms of performance, size and options;
  • ctrlX DRIVE: a compact, modular and flexible drive system with space savings of up to 50 percent and high degrees of software freedom;
  • ctrlX SAFETY: the fastest and most compact safety solution on the automation market. The reaction time of safety solutions could allow a more compact design and maximum safety during production; and
  • ctrlX SERVICES: plays a key role in the ecosystem surrounding the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform.

For more information, visit https://www.boschrexroth.com.

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