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100% Defect Detection: Multiview Functions Ensure Full-Coverage Inspections for Flexible Packaging Solutions

The innovation leader ISRA has developed an application devised specifically for detecting cold seal defects for its proven 100 percent inline inspection system PrintSTAR, which effectively and permanently improves process reliability.

Using high-resolution LCD cameras combined with ultrabright LED lighting, the cold seal application reportedly detects both individual and recurrent cold seal defects in real-time. It also checks the registration accuracy on the front and back of the substrate. The inspection is performed simultaneously by both channels with a superimposed image. If the sealing layer on the back does not precisely match the printed image on the front, an acoustic signal alerts the operator immediately.

In order to guarantee full-coverage inline print inspection when using a vast range of coating and lamination techniques, while simultaneously detecting errors on both the front and back, the system inspects webs from above and below with permanently installed image acquisition units with fast, high-resolution line cameras and special ultrabright LED lighting.

ISRA’s innovative multiview function reliably checks registration accuracy and ensures continuous and complete process monitoring comprising the printed image, the lamination, and the coating.

The 100 percent inline inspection system PrintSTAR is equipped with Advanced Hazing Detection, reportedly allowing these impairments to be reliably detected for the first time. Technically mature line cameras detect the entire web, automatically identifying the defects that the human eye cannot see during the printing process. The system then alerts the operator, who can immediately take remedial measures.

An inspection data analysis function integrated into the PrintSTAR system gathers valuable data that can be used to improve the production process. In doing so, it is also possible to analyze the process using the EPROMI data mining software.

Moreover, a number of useful tools are available for shortening make-ready times in the form of QuickPROOF, ViewSTAR, and ColorSTAR. In particular, the graphical user interface, with touch-display and intuitive job configuration and management, reportedly ensures a high degree of digital compatibility and future-oriented, connected printing production.

For more information, visit https://www.isravision.com.

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