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Royal Sens Has Invested in Comexi Offset CI8

Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, and Royal Sens, a company specializing in the production of glue-applied labels and packaging materials for a wide range of applications, have signed an acquisition agreement for an Offset CI8 printing press.

The use of Comexi's offset central impression printing technology and EB (Electron Beam) curing system will allow Royal Sens to improve its productivity.

"With the central drum, Royal Sens will obtain a perfect register of every materials, allowing the company to reduce material thickness, in turn, being more sustainable," said Felip Ferrer, brand manager of the offset business unit, Comexi. “The EB curing system consumes low energy and provides high productivity, with low migration inks and low odour, approved for food packaging. The technology ensures perfect ink curing at a maximum speed".

The Comexi Offset CI8 press is the result of combining the advantages of offset variable size printing with central drum technology. It is reportedly the best solution for short and medium size runs, embraces the demand of time to market and printing quality, reduces operative cost, and has less impact on the environment.

The Comexi Offset CI8 press reportedly has a printing width of 1100 millimeters and a speed of up to 300 meters per minute, and much faster changeover times in comparison to other conventional technologies. Furthermore, the Comexi Offset CI8 provides maximum flexibility by combining multiple SKU within the same print job, which reduces changes and waste.

“As a result of grouping designs in a single run, Royal Sens will we able to take advantage of our technology to expand its opportunities. This will open the door to new markets and allow the company to attract new customers, including flexible packaging markets,” added Felip.

For more information, visit https://comexi.com.

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