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Advanced Hazing Detection Reliably Detects Color Hazing on Transparent Films

To inspect the print quality of its packaging films, Swiss manufacturer SÜDPACK Bioggio SA uses the PrintSTAR 100% inspection system by ISRA VISION, a world leader in surface inspection.

The inspection system, equipped with the “Advanced Hazing Detection” assistant, reportedly enables the reliable and early detection of color hazing on transparent films that are invisible to the human eye. In addition, the retrofitted “QuickProof” module compares the print image with the reference file before production begins. Using the two assistance systems prevents customer complaints, as well as unnecessary material waste.

The SÜDPACK Group is particularly impressed with the defect classification system, a solution that enables defect recognition to be set very accurately depending on the calibration. The parent company, SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG initiated a comprehensive digitalization program. In the context of this program, the Swiss subsidiary SÜDPACK Bioggio SA began investigating the use of innovative assistance systems that now contribute significantly to quality assurance.

With its new “Advanced Hazing Detection” solution, ISRA VISION has found a reliable solution that automatically detects these errors. The multi-colored transparent films that SÜDPACK Bioggio produces are reportedly free from hazing defects and can therefore be delivered to the customers without the fear of complaints. Faulty production runs are avoided, as the system alarms the operator of defects, enabling an immediate cause analysis and the implementation of countermeasures.

The QuickProof function of the ISRA PrintSTAR system provides further benefits. QuickProof compares the print image with the reference file (PDF comparison) prior to the start of production, preventing unnecessary waste and additional work. The system performs a completely automatic version check and inspects the content for deviations.

Since all print-related specifications are monitored and automatically adjusted, the production and quality management processes at SÜDPACK Bioggio have accelerated significantly. Simultaneously, those responsible for quality assurance require less time for outgoing goods inspections. On average, the company can now complete more orders per day, which has a significant impact on the annual performance.

For more information, visit https://www.isravision.com.

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