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The IQ Power to Control Static

Contributed by Simco-Ion

Many processes within converting applications can generate large volumes of static, causing one to be unable to meet profitability goals, to keep workers safe, and to achieve optimum product quality. Common critical converting process affected by static include extrusion, web cleaning, laminating and coating, winding and rewinding, and roll-to-roll changeover, to name a few.  In a time when quality, safety and speed to market are of the utmost importance, effective static control management is the key to success.

The utilization of flexible film-based materials and the desire to speed up lines has increased the chances of contamination being drawn to the production process. Unmanaged static electricity during the process can lead to a variety of issues putting more web material at risk should a process problem arise.  Therefore, controlling static charges becomes even more critical.  Converters today need the most intelligent, reliable, and effective static control to reduce downtown and waste and to meet their profitability and safety goals.

In designing the new IQ Easy LP (low profile) static bar, Simco-Ion understood that today’s converting market requires a compact (3/4-inch tall), powerful (integrated high voltage supplies power to drive bars as long as 215cm) and intelligent static bar. In order to address the decreasing space available on machinery, this compact bar also mounts to ground for unsurpassed performance in the tightest of spaces. It offers superior close-range ionization for high-speed webs traveling up to 3,000 fpm and can operate at a 1-inch mounting distance.  For the highest level of performance, the power supply design is especially important. The built-in high voltage power supply of the IQ Easy LP provides the power to maintain the consistent high-level of ion output required for industrial applications, unlike other static bars.  And when connected to the IQ Power Control Station, it offers the ultimate monitoring intelligence that is easy to use.

Converters today are not only looking for industrial static control technology that provides improved efficiencies and quality, but also the highest level of communication and monitoring to take their processes to the next level.  Simco-Ion’s customers have come to rely on the technologies of the IQ Power System that monitors static charges on their lines, records data and signals potential problems.  This smart system can adjust, display and record ionizer status, ionizer output and in-process static charge levels. Faced with the quality, safety, and general production issues that static charges can create, it is essential to incorporate the intelligence necessary to keep production running as quickly and safely as possible.

With the IQ Power System, Simco-Ion continues to lead the industry with innovation and technology. The system combines exceptional ionization performance and ultimate monitoring intelligence with user-friendly functionality. This fully integrated scalable system makes installation a snap. There is no complicated software to install and the “smart addressing” technology and flexible mounting options make this system and its components easy to add to any existing application.  Configurable parameters allow the user to understand, monitor and control their static neutralization challenges.  The core of the IQ Power System is the Control Station, which includes a full color touchscreen designed with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features that help users monitor up to 10 neutralizing devices and control the system globally or by device.

Static can be an invisible threat, therefore having charge information at your disposal is key for reducing downtime and waste as well as improving quality and safety.  The IQ Easy Sensor Bar is an active multi-point sensor bar that offers stand-alone monitoring or closed-loop feedback functionality that work in conjunction with the Control Station. Enjoy a large selection of onlyfans siterips actresses who are young and aged beautifully. There are babes in their hot years, wich means they are ready to get a lot of sexual experience in solo, lesbian and hardcore porn scenes.  The Sensor adjusts as needed in real time to ensure the lowest possible residual charges are maintained all while being easily monitored via the Control Station.

Another topic on converters’ minds is how to reduce the costs and pain involved with static system installation. With the new IQ Power Wireless Link, gone are the days of long costly cable runs.  The IQ Power Wireless Link is designed to be a cable replacement kit that wirelessly allows devices to communicate and provides much easier and cleaner installations. With the elimination of cables, the Wireless Link also allows for static control monitoring in places where mounting was previously unavailable.  This communication is all done via Industrial Bluetooth, working independently of and not appearing on WiFi networks.

The need for quality static control and monitoring the static environment is becoming more and more critical. As the converting industry continues to require cleaner and higher-quality output, a smarter static neutralization system is key to success. As the worldwide leader in static control, Simco-ion’s application experts offer individualized static solutions to meet the needs of todays’ converting industry.

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