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3DT: Trailblazing Surface Treatment Company Celebrates 30 Years

3DT LLC, true pioneers in plasma and corona treatment, celebrates its 30th anniversary this August. When 3DT was established in 1991 electrical surface treatment was an emerging technology but two young Danish businessmen, Erik Kiel and Morten Jorgensen, brought corona and plasma technology from Denmark, where it was invented, to the United States.

In the 1990s most automotive, medical and packaging manufacturers were using chemical primer baths, physical abrasion and flame treatment to increase the surface tension and bonding on 3D parts. The drawbacks of these methods were huge, including contributing to health and environmental hazards, and were costly. As a result, 3DT’s new, safe, quick, less labor-intensive corona treatment systems took off. 3DT’s corona and plasma systems were versatile, reliable and highly effective in improving bonding and adhesion.

Today, 3DT produces a complete line of surface treatment systems developed to manage adhesion problems on nearly all substrates and configuration of parts. 3DT covers the spectrum in surface treatment solutions from corona treating Petri dishes for improved cell culture growth to plasma treating metal for cleaning applications and improved bonding.

Over the past decade, 3DT has reportedly updated many of its systems to include the newest in electronics, software, and surface treatment technology. These systems now have higher power levels capable of producing more powerful discharge, thereby altering the most resistant substrates. Another advantage the new systems offer is adjustable treatment levels providing flexibility in treatment options. Additionally, 3DT has recently developed a new system for corona treating bottles (BottleDyne Pro) and another for treating cups, tubs and tubes (UltraDyne), broadening its product mix.

Rounding out its surface treatment offerings, 3DT represents SOFTAL CORONA & PLASMA of Germany in North America. SOFTAL manufactures surface treating systems for film, foil and web materials from 10 inches to 10 meters and is an important player in the film manufacturing and converting industries. The partnership between 3DT and SOFTAL provide customers with the quality of German engineering and local, expert, U.S. sales and service. orbex launcher

For more information, visit https://www.3dtllc.com.

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