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CBS Printing Forge Ahead with UV LED System Retrofit

Australian print and marketing solutions provider CBS has recently upgraded its Ryobi 754G+C+SLD press with a retrofitted GEW UV LED curing system.

“The Australian packaging market features a few key players who are only really interested in jobs of 500,000 and more,” said Stephan Wilson, co-owner, CBS. “We are better suited to producing volumes anywhere between 5,000 and 100,000 meal sleeves, and we have subsequently found a high demand from smaller producers.”

The retrofit installation of the new UV curing system has been pivotal in keeping up with this new demand. The production team at CBS had been running most of the food packaging on its RMGT 920 press because its second press, a Ryobi 754G, was not up to the job. The meal sleeves do not require the 920’s A1 sheet size and yet they were taking up most of the press hours. The 754 was upgraded with a retrofitted GEW LeoLED UV curing system, mounted after the 4th print unit, and this has eliminated the unwanted demand on the 920.

“We can now produce the sleeves without the need for aqueous coatings and although we have had to invest in the new UV system, that investment has effectively brought our 754 back to life,” added Wilson. “We can push more and more work on to this press, with the confidence that it can now handle it.”

The press can handle up to 600micron board with ease, and so the UV system has been the only upgrade necessary, along with the installation of a set of compatible combi rollers.

“We looked at a few UV systems from various suppliers, but eventually we settled on GEW for two key reasons. We had heard favorable reports about them from others in the industry, but we were also swayed by their remote monitoring and support service, which means we have technical backup for our new system 24/7/365 and this gives us great peace of mind,” said Wilson. “In addition to the new production capabilities we now have with UV LED curing, we are saving substantial sums on our energy bills, we’re saving on coatings, and we have dramatically reduced the number of reprints necessary due to problems like set off and dry back.”

For more information, visit https://www.gewuv.com.

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