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PAC Announces Top Selling Packaging Machines of 2021 & Customer Trends

PAC Machinery, a leader in packaging equipment with one of the most diverse ranges of machinery, is celebrating a successful year and announcing a list of the most popular packaging machines purchased by customers in 2021. These best-selling packaging machines will be the focus of digital campaigns as recommended machines throughout January and February. Company leaders are also revealing top trends in the industry as it has observed from a very busy year in packaging equipment.

Machine categories include Automatic Baggers, Vacuum Sealers, Automatic Shrink Wrappers, Bag Sealers, and Flow Wrappers.

Top Industries for PAC include ecommerce fulfillment, medical, food, industrial, electronics, and aerospace.

Top PAC Machine Models

  • Shrink Wrap Machines;
    • 6750EL Automatic L-Bar Sealer was a hit. This all-electric system is perfect for packagers on the entry-level side of automatic shrink wrapping;
    • 6800CS Automatic Side Sealer also saw extremely high demand, especially with the XL version, for large products;
  • Automatic Baggers;
    • Rollbag R785 All-Electric Bagger was a standout with customers looking for a workstation poly bagging solution. With the optional label printer applicator customers are able to print a scannable barcode onto clear stock bags as well as poly mailers for shipping;
    • There was high demand for the Rollbag R3200, one of the most configurable automatic baggers on the market, as well as the Rollbag Magnum Horizontal. Both R3200 and Magnum Horizontal have the option to use poly tubing, which saves customers money, reduces material usage, and has a significantly shorter lead time than pre-opened poly bags;
  • Vacuum Packaging;
    • PVT Plus Tabletop Nozzle-Style Vacuum Sealer had extremely high sales due to being a well-optioned machine at a competitive price point, as well as being available with a short lead time;
    • Sales for chamber vacuum sealers were also extremely high for industrial packaging applications;
  • Medical Packaging;
    • PAC saw quite a bit of growth in this sector, including with Vertrod Medical Impulse Sealers (all models), PVK Med Vacuum Sealers with our MedLogic control system, as well as Rollbag Medical Baggers that make, label, load, and seal Tyvek® poly pouches in one quick step.

The pharma and fulfillment industry are huge areas of growth for PAC this year, especially for shipping of prescriptions in poly mailers. There has also been growth in shrink packaging and flow wrapping machines with food industry clients, including energy bars, to cookies and bakeries. Additionally, there is an uptick in start-ups transitioning from manual packaging to automation to keep up with customer demand.

For more information, visit https://www.pacmachinery.com.

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