Major Vehicle Control and Display Manufacturer Employs Protection Films Solution from Schreiner ProTech

For cockpit display screens, company incorporates automatic protection films dispensing system from Schreiner ProTech.

Schreiner ProTech, a Germany-based global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative functional labels with value-added benefits for the automotive and engineering-based industries, has been selected by a leading vehicle control and display manufacturer to provide a comprehensive display protection system. Comprising both the materials and dispensing unit, Schreiner ProTech’s solution is an automatic process that applies even larger films with near-homogeneity and without air bubbles.

To suit the customer’s needs, the protection film’s substrate needed to have limited insulating properties, so that charge carriers would balance each other out during the separation process. This was necessary to avoid the potential for electrostatic discharge (ESD) during the peel-off process. In fact, the system even incorporates ESD precautions from inception, as the dispensing unit itself is designed to counteract such electric flashes. 

Schreiner ProTech offers a comprehensive range of modified dispensing systems customized to suit specific requirements, toward the goal of providing a one-stop shop where individual components are optimally compatible. The company’s display protection films are available in a wide variety of sizes – including an array of wider, taller films to cover increasingly large displays. The films can be imprinted with processing information to facilitate manual application, and fully automated application also is possible. Layouts can be customized to suit individual needs, and integrated tabs ensure easy film removal.

In addition to drastically reducing electrostatic charging and discharging – and thereby helping to assure optimal performance of protected electronic components – Schreiner ProTech’s display protection films also prevent potentially hazardous electric shocks to people, and help avoid flammable substances from igniting during instances of spark formation. 

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