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From Surface Treatment to Support

A question-and-answer with Mark Plantier, VP Marketing & Communication, Enercon Industries.

What is the process that Enercon uses for specifying surface treating equipment?

Plantier: Our approach begins and ends with the details of the customer’s application. Over the last several decades, Enercon has compiled the largest database of surface treating application data on printing, coating, laminating and film extrusion applications. We know what works and we know what can lead to potential problems or restrict future production flexibility. We also know that each OEM has preferences in how they prefer to integrate corona treating. So, whether we are working directly with the end user or an OEM, we customize not just the technology (corona, plasma or flame), but also the system components (electrodes, roll coverings, power supplies and web handling) to provide the optimal treating solution.

Which is the best surface treatment technology: corona, plasma, flame or ozone?

Plantier: That’s a popular question and as the only manufacturer that offers all of these technologies, Enercon has a uniquely qualified perspective. Once again, the answer is that the application defines the best solution. For the vast majority of traditional converting applications, corona is the most popular choice because it is economic and effective. Atmospheric plasma is used when corona or flame cannot produce the desired results. For these applications, Enercon pioneered the development of plasma and earned recognition for our Plasma3TM and Plasma4TM designs, which optimize gas consumption at high line speeds. Flame is a good option for treating certain types of foils as well as paperboard on extrusion coating lines. And ozone is also used on extrusion coating lines to enhance bonding and provide operational benefits.

What challenges are converters currently facing?

Plantier: It’s no secret that finding and keeping good employees is a challenge. We’re seeing more employee turnover at converting operations and that creates gaps in knowledge and experience. Enercon has always led the industry in providing educational materials on the best practices for operating surface treating equipment and the importance of understanding and managing application variables, which affect surface treating success. Between our webinars, technical papers, best practice guides and personalized training, we help our customers get their employees up to speed.

How is Enercon set up to support customers?

Plantier: Support always starts with people and Enercon does not take any shortcuts when it comes to supporting our customers. Enercon’s Technical Support Team is comprised of electrical and mechanical engineers. These are not technicians. These are highly educated professionals specifically trained to rapidly identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues. Of course, we also leverage technology. Our CompakTM Pro power supplies have artificial intelligence, remote connectivity and integrated troubleshooting to help our customers resolve issues in real time.


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