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Imageworx completes Miraclon Certification Program for KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates

Imageworx has successfully completed the Miraclon Certification Program for FLEXCEL NX Plates. Designed to evaluate KODAK FLEXCEL NX System users’ ability to meet international standards, the certification program represents a feature set that drives industry-leading efficiency, repeatability and consistent quality flexo plate production. The certification process is also supported with comprehensive data measurement and analysis.

Jeff Toepfer, President of Imageworx, said: “What is vitally important to our business is the capability of making the very best plate in the industry, we accomplish that with a FLEXCEL NX Plate. No other technology on the market can match the image clarity, ink transfer or has the ability to hold fine detail better than a FLEXCEL NX Plate, and that’s what makes Miraclon vital and irreplaceable to our business.

“The FLEXCEL NX Certification process provides a second set of eyes on practices and procedures, which is good practice to ensure we’re delivering optimum results. As an early adopter of the technology, Imageworx has - with Miraclon’s help - implemented extreme quality control practices right from the very beginning. Our reputation has ever since spoken for itself, and our customers prove our quality with their print every day.”

Find out more at www.miraclon.com.

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