At Pack Expo, HERMA US and Norwalt Showcase Tube & Syringe Labeling System with Automatic Tray Unloader

Special version of HERMA’s 252M Tube & Syringe Labeler offers exacting printing & placement precision at high speeds.

HERMA US Inc., the subsidiary of HERMA GmbH – a Germany-based provider of labeling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials to the global packaging marketplace – is partnering with New Jersey-based automation specialist Norwalt to showcase a special solution at Pack Expo, October 23-26 in Chicago. At Booth W-17016, the companies will exhibit of HERMA’s 252M Tube & Syringe Labeler with an automatic tray unloading system from Norwalt.

The HERMA 252 M features HERMA’s state-of-the-art H500 Label Applicator – which Norwalt utilizes on its high-speed assembly lines – and Norwalt’s sophisticated product handling systems, which support a broad range of HERMA’s labeling systems for the pharmaceutical sector.

The system showcased at Pack Expo will be similar in design to a line recently supplied to a major US-based pharmaceutical contract manufacturer. The solution can process and label up to 30 products per minute, and can handle containers from 12-30mm in diameter. Glass tubes are picked from trays using a robotic arm, and placed onto the labeling system’s infeed. Products are then transported to the labeling station, where a wraparound label is applied to each tube.

Labels are printed with a barcode and lot/expiry information, and a vision system inspects the print, rejecting any label deemed out of specification. Finally, products are checked for label alignment and, in the full production version of the system, rejects are segregated from good products, which are then re-trayed.

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