Mamata unveils new packaging machines at Pack Expo

Manufacturer to demo four systems at October 23-26 event

Mamata Enterprises will demo five innovative packaging machines at Pack Expo International in Chicago, including three machines that have never been exhibited at a trade show.

Mamata, a technology-based global plastic bag and packaging machinery manufacturing company, produces the industry’s most advanced technology on the market. Its innovations allow companies of all sizes to package food products like nuts, grains, dried fruits and vegetables, chips, pretzels, pet food and more.

“Pack Expo is the largest packaging and processing trade show in the world, and it’s the perfect opportunity to unveil our latest innovations that will revolutionize the industry,” said Varun Patel, Mamata’s vice president in North, Central and South America. “Mamata offers machines you can trust, performance you can rely on and technology that increases productivity and efficiency. These new machines will allow companies to bring their products to market faster and at lower costs.”

The four machines being demonstrated include:

  • M-200 Ultra: This horizontal FFS roll stock pouch machine sets the standard for innovation and versatility with its groundbreaking design. M-200 Ultra is a Simplex HFFS machine that allows brands to produce and package pouches at a comparable rate of a Duplex machine. It’s ideal for lay-flat pouches, stand-up pouches with and without zippers, and single-serve sample packs in the range of 110-200 mm widths. During Pack Expo, the machine will be demonstrating its ability to produce pouches from recyclable mono-material films at up to 110 ppm.
  • Vegapack PFS 250-14: This PFS machine is a premade pouch filling system designed for high-speed premade pouch-filling applications, empowering businesses to trade in their old semi-automatic or manual operations for a highly efficient packaging vehicle. At 65 ppm, this system delivers comparable speeds to a Duplex premade pouch system or a Simplex roll stock HFFS. It is an ideal system for stand-up pouches, product samples, flat-bottom pouches. trail mixes and nuts, fresh and frozen produce, snack foods, powders and pet food products. Mamata will demonstrate this machine with PE/PE recyclable mono-material pouches being filled at 65 ppm with a Multipond MP14-1000-400-J2 weigher.
  • Vega Plus 410: A revolutionary Pouch-Making System with 3-web print registration control. Brands who have been previously limited by narrow web printing capabilities can now make small to large-size pouches, thanks to the new Vega Plus 410 and its unique 3-web print registration control. It’s Mamata’s most advanced pouch-making system. The machine is ideal for three side-seal, zipper, stand-up, quad seal, flat-bottom and retort pouches. At Pack Expo, this machine will be running with all PE/PE recyclable mono-material film and 3-web registration control.
  • Vegapack VFC-230: Mamata is introducing this innovative Vertical Form Fill Sealing (VFFS) system that achieves exceptional seal integrity and optimal precision across a large range of films at up to 220 ppm, making it the fastest system in the industry for single lane pouch filling. It’s ideal for pillow pouches, pillow pouches with broad top seal and hole, and block bottom pouches. Mamata will demonstrate this machine with BOPP/CPP recyclable films at speeds up to 200 ppm with a Yamato Weigher ADW-O-0120F.

Mamata’s exhibition space is S-2536 in the South Building at McCormick Place, 2301 S. King Drive in Chicago.

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