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Future-focused Film & Tape Expo 2023: Pioneering Technology and Applications in Film and Tape Industry

The Film & Tape Expo 2023 is set to make waves from October 11-13, 2023, at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. This event will highlight the technological innovations shaping the industry and their practical applications. Spearheading the advancement of manufacturing technology in the production of high-quality functional films and tapes, this expo will encompass adhesive tape, state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for manufacturing new energy materials, highly functional film, and other sectors related to downstream applications. Its main objective is to foster engagement, boost technological innovation, and facilitate business cooperation and collaboration between upstream and downstream enterprises. Thus, it aims to stimulate new business expansion and drive sustainable development within the global functional film and adhesive tape industry.

Spanning 160,000 square meters, the show will host over 3,000 brands and is expected to draw an estimated attendance of 120,000 industry professionals and 4,500 overseas visitors. Moreover, more than 50 thematic summit forums and workshops will delve into various topics such as films and tapes, new energy materials, consumer electronic adhesives, die-cutting and coating, new energy applications, and film packaging. With its unique TAP invited buyer program and innovative activities, the expo not only showcases the latest industry developments but also offers valuable insights into market trends and facilitates business negotiations between upstream and downstream players. This year's edition will introduce new show areas, including the Functional Film Innovation Exhibition Zone, the Die-cutting Technology Communication Exhibition Zone, the Chemical Raw Materials Exhibition Zone, the Foam Material Innovation Exhibition Zone, the New Energy Photovoltaic Film Exhibition Zone, and the New Energy Lithium Film Exhibition Zone.

As the expo’s main forum, the Shenzhen International Film and Tape Technology Innovative Development Forum 2023 will serve as the main platform for analyzing the current state and developments of the high-functional film industry. It will also offer a global market perspective on key film materials in the photoelectric industry, explore tape applications in the electronics sector, showcase innovations in foam materials, and discuss various types of adhesive additives in the context of market development and application. With more than 20 trending topics on the agenda, this year's expo seeks to address both current industry advancements and future frontiers. By considering various angles like the commercialization of the application market, core technologies and industries, and keeping up with market trends, the expo will provide a global, future-focused perspective.

Concurrently, the Coating Industry Standardization and High-Quality Development Forum 2023 will create a platform for promoting, training, and implementing coating industry standards. The forum will bring together technical experts from research institutes, colleges, and enterprises to foster the development of national coating science and industrial technologies.

Furthermore, recent statistics show that in the first half of 2023, the number of new energy vehicles in China reached 16.2 million, accounting for 4.9% of the total vehicle count. Pure electric vehicles accounted for a significant 77.8% of this figure, totaling 12.594 million. During this period, 3.128 million new energy vehicles were registered, marking a remarkable year-over-year increase of 41.6%. The concurrent 2023 Eighth Die-cutting/Coating Process Seminar, taking place during the FILM & TAPE EXPO, will address solutions for new energy battery pole piece die-cutting, RFID electronic label die-cutting, FPC die-cutting, die-cutting of electromagnetic shielding materials and devices, die-cutting of thermally conductive materials and devices, and adhesive materials in new energy, as well as adhesive/film material detection.

Organized by RXGC, the Film & Tape Expo 2023 is attuned to current market trends, focusing on popular application scenarios such as new energy batteries, automobiles, labels, packaging, and more. It aims to explore innovative uses of adhesive film and tape while analyzing the development trends of functional film materials. With its special zones and forums, the expo offers a comprehensive perspective, providing a panoramic view of the future of functional film tape.

Film & Tape Expo 2023 is a free-to-attend trade event. To register, visit: www.film-expo.com/en-gb.html.

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