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Anderson & Vreeland Canada Forms Primary Partnership with PrimeBlade

Anderson & Vreeland Canada (AVC) has announced a primary partnership with PrimeBlade Sweden, providing the Canadian market with a wide range of high-quality steel doctor blades. The new relationship with PrimeBlade, known for their commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions, highlights AVC's persistent focus on providing clients with quality printing applications tailored to their individual needs.

AVC Vice President & General Manager, Andy Gillis, elaborated on the partnership, saying “PrimeBlade partnering with A&V Canada further fortifies our world class portfolio of pressroom solutions. Pairing world class materials with our technical application and hands-on approach will serve our customers well. We routinely see great print performance and waste savings with PrimeBlade products.”

As part of their goal to create printing solutions for a worry-free production and improved press uptime, PrimeBlade developed the Nano series using their patented metallurgic treated steel blades. These blades feature an innovative design that increases longevity, reduces wear, and provides unmatched precision when compared to traditional coated blades. The use of these blades also promotes a safer, environmentally friendly production process which is free from the harmful chemicals utilized in coated blades.

Jimmy Nyström, Head of Sales & Marketing for PrimeBlade Sweden spoke on the partnership, stating “We at PrimeBlade are happy and excited to expand our relationship with Anderson & Vreeland by partnering with their Canadian operations. There is a commitment inside PrimeBlade to form strong partnerships that can be a powerful catalyst for progress and innovation, where sustainability is important. PrimeBlade supplies the printing industry with solutions for a worry-free production and improved uptime on press by using anilox friendly doctor blades.”

AVC prides itself on delivering innovative solutions to the flexographic industry. By partnering with PrimeBlade, AVC becomes the only Canadian distributor to offer the full portfolio of PrimeBlade products. Anderson & Vreeland has been in operation for over 60 years, and the company’s technical expertise in identifying the most effective and advanced technologies in their portfolio has allowed them to seamlessly integrate these solutions into their clients' businesses.

For more information, visit www.andvre.com.

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