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The Turning Point in Alufoil Roll Converting: ROTOMAC presents its latest groundbreaking innovation

ICEBREAKER 167, the “CORELESS” rewinding machine – at GULFOOD MANUFACTURING 2023

Join ROTOMAC experts November 7-9, 2023 in Dubai, at the Dubai World Trade Center, Shk Saeed Hall 2 booth S2-D11. ROTOMAC is the global leader in the production of rewinding as well as packaging and accessory machinery for food wrapping, boasting more than 2000 machines installed all over the world. It designs, develops, and manufacturers customized machines and complete turnkey plants that convert aluminum foil, plastic film, and baking paper from mother rolls into consumer-sized rolls for household, catering and professional use markets.

All ROTOMAC machines combine innovative designs with an outstanding manufacturing performance. New solutions and applications are constantly developed based on market needs and individual customer requests. A dedicated team of experts identifies specific requirements of the production process and then develops a customized solution.

For this edition of GULFOOD MANUFACTURING we will present two new additions of the ROTOMAC’ ICEBREAKER series: the groundbreaking ICEBREAKER 167 - the CORELESS - the world's first automatic rewinding machine capable of producing rolls without core and the ICEBREAKER 165 ALF, the automatic rewinding machine with shaftless unwinding stand for mother rolls.

The ICEBREAKER 167 is the turning point in alufoil roll converting. The machine is the only automatic machine that produces coreless aluminum rolls through innovative process. This innovation allows the production of superior-quality rolls, characterized by a smoother and consistently uniform external surface and minimal internal wrinkles. Among other benefits: less costs, less operator time and less environmental impact.

The ICEBREAKER 165 ALF is the automatic rewinding machine designed to transform aluminum foil and baking paper rolls for household use. It serves as the perfect solution for manufacturers seeking cutting-edge machinery to streamline their operations and reduce labor requirements.

One of its standout features is the shaftless unwinding stand for mother rolls, catering to the needs of those aiming to minimize manpower. The two machines mentioned above join the ICEBREAKER series, the latest innovative range of automatic rewinders developed by ROTOMAC.

Key enhancements and improvements in the groundbreaking ICEBREAKER series include:

  • Automatic adjustment to web width
  • Automatic setng to core length
  • Highly robust and precise turret unit
  • Extensive HMI with advanced diagnostics
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Meticulous attention to design

ROTOMAC’s great experience and know-how allow to offer innovative and customized solutions, with state-of-the-art technology, flexibility and service applied to all the development process.

The ROTOMAC machine lineup at a glance:

  • Automatic rewinding machines producing rolls for food wrapping
  • Cartoning machines for packaging rolls into cartons
  • Shrink wrapping machines for wrapping rolls with shrink film
  • Special rewinding machines for the production of other roll types
  • Case packaging machines for loading finished products into corrugated cardboard cases
  • Accessories and additional equipment to improve the output, efficiency, and quality of roll product on plants
  • Complete lines and product on plants.

Learn more at www.imstechnologies.com.

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