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A Look at the State of the Industry for Labels and Packaging

Keypoint Intelligence's State of the Industry Global Intelligence Reports are designed to address the concerns and questions of thought leaders in the Packaging industry. We understand that OEMs and Suppliers are eager to learn what steps the industry should take to promote digital printing. At the same time, Converters have expressed concerns about whether digital OEMs truly understand their business needs.

To shed light on these issues, we are hosting a webinar November 15, 2023, where our labels and packaging experts Jean Lloyd and Jeff Wettersten will present key findings from our Global Intelligence reports on Narrow Web Labels, Corrugated Packaging, Folding Carton, Flexible Packaging, and Brand Adoption.

During the webinar, we will explore key topics:

The concept of business transformation and its impact on the industry.

Common myths surrounding digital printing, such as the misconception that it is only suitable for niche markets.

Examine the shift from discreet manufacturing to batch manufacturing among digital adopters and the value generated from this transition.

Our ultimate goal is to understand the implications of these findings for digital printing in packaging. We believe that your contribution to this discussion can help shape a new industry message. To register, visit here.

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