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India’s Maharshi Labels Provides Exacting Print Quality through Baldwin’s Guardian OLP

Offline proofing and inspection system ensures 100 percent print accuracy in real time

Photo courtesy of Maharshi Labels

Maharshi Labels PVT. LTD. , a renowned global leader in the printing and packaging industry, recently installed Baldwin Technology Co. Inc.’s cutting-edge Guardian OLP Offline Proofing and Inspection system (OLP). This latest move in its relentless pursuit of excellence instantly elevated accuracy and quality to an unprecedented level, while streamlining operations, minimizing waste and enhancing efficiency.

With an impressive client portfolio, Maharshi has solidified its position as a trusted partner for globally recognized brands.

The investment in Baldwin’s Guardian OLP marks a significant milestone for the company in its continued commitment to innovation, cost reduction and quality improvement.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Maharshi caters to clients in more than 45 countries worldwide. Since its humble beginnings in 1980, the company has emerged as one of the foremost global brands in the label and packaging space.

Its extensive portfolio encompasses packaging solutions, labels and sealing technologies across a wide spectrum of sectors including the pharmaceutical, distillery, pesticide, brewery, cosmetic, lubricant, edible oil, food and ancillary industries.

With the integration of Baldwin's Guardian OLP system, Maharshi has taken a significant leap forward in ensuring impeccable production accuracy that precisely matches the customer-approved master file. Leveraging advanced software, the Guardian OLP system enables swift and precise comparisons between pre-press files or scanned press samples and the customer-approved originals. In a matter of seconds, even the slightest variations in print quality are automatically detected and highlighted, guaranteeing unmatched precision and quality assurance.

A notable challenge Maharshi encountered was addressing variations in export jobs, particularly in languages such as Arabic or French. The significance of even the tiniest punctuation mark became apparent due to its potential to alter meanings.

Recognizing this, Maharshi embraced automation to eliminate human intervention from the equation. This strategic shift not only resulted in a significant reduction in rejection rates as compared to manual checks but also drastically reduced the time required for meticulous examination and minimized waste.

"In a landscape where even a punctuation mark matters, we've embraced automation to ensure consistency and reliability," Maharshi director Mr. Jenil Gandhi commented. "This shift has not only reduced rejection rates but also streamlined operations, minimizing waste and enhancing efficiency."

“We are pleased that implementing OLP has greatly improved the quality of Maharshi’s printing and ensures print projects are accurately reproduced, resulting in a higher quality end product for its prestigious customers around the globe,” added Baldwin Technology regional sales manager Amit Desai.

For more information, visit baldwintech.com.

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