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New Cutter Sharpening Service Returns Lundberg Cutters to Like New Condition for Maximum Productivity and Efficiency

Photo courtesy of AirTrim

AirTrim, a leader in the design and manufacture of trim waste and dust containment systems, introduces the AirTrim Cutter Sharpening Program (ACSP) which returns Lundberg cutters to like new condition. Sharpening worn cutter blades increases efficiency and productivity while minimizing cutting costs and downtime.

Worn cutter blades may look good, but without a sharp cutting edge they can miss cuts, leading to longer trim, higher bearing load, and ultimately shutdown of the cutter, stopping production altogether. ACSP can head off these issues before they become a problem and keep your production running at top speed. The process is straightforward, simple, and economical, and ideal for paper film and foil converting, printing, label making, direct mailing and fulfillment operations, and wherever trim waste cutters are used.

Upon receiving cutters (without motors) along with 2-3 feet of material, AirTrim engineers will examine the cutter and advise if additional work is beneficial. They will then sharpen both the rotor and fixed blades to create a new cutting edge, reassemble the cutter with new bearings, and reset the cutter blade to cut the supplied material. The old bearings will be returned along with the cut bag sample along with the reconditioned cutting unit. AirTrim will also enroll interested parties in their reminder service for future cutter maintenance and provide a rugged, compact wooden shipping container for future trim cutter sharpening if desired.

AirTrim ACSP is a just one aspect of the full scope of services provided for trim waste cutters. Cutter Sharpening is provided with industry leading lead times and is backed by the industry’s strongest warranty. For additional information on ACSP or other AirTrim products or services visit https://airtrim.com/services/#Trim-cutter-repair.  

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